Individual or Group Advisory Session

If you feel to have one-2-one advisory/ help or any kind of session/ discussion or you have any need for your team /group and having 7 or more people, i am offering ready-2-start session, specific to your need.

In case, i am not having expertise to advise, i will surely involve expert from that area, i will make arrangements for audio conference, web meeting and any other content or material etc.

We can arrange a group meeting /advisory session upon 1-2 days notice period.


I am making it to start free online on-demand for Oracle Applications Professionals to enhance knowledge and competency in technical and functional area. Do post your wish-list and requirement to help me to bring that in focus.

Some of Starting Focus area for On Demand Training.

  1. Oracle General Ledger – Technical
  2. Oracle General Ledger – Functional
  3. Oracle Payable – Technical
  4. Oracle Payable – Functional
  5. Application Object Library
  6. Discoverer – Developer
  7. Discoverer – Administration
  8. Release 12 – Delta with 11i and New features

Some of useful documents/white papers/tutorials here—

49 thoughts

  1. Hi Shiva,

    I am working as functional consultant ,please help me to resolve few doubts in AP & GL. Please let me know when u start functional training for GL,AP,AR,CM modules.



  2. You are doing such a splendid job for people like us to understand Oracle Apps concepts.
    i have been exposed to ar ,ap and gl customer and vendor screens, interfaces and masters related to ar, ap , gl on a daily basis, i would like to focus on oracle financials r12 which is new from the point of sub ledger accounting and the new tables introduced.i feel unsafe facing interviews and would want to equip myself with the training facility related to individual or group advisory session.


  3. Hi,

    I am Oracle apps technical consultant. I am very much interested in learning functional concepts in modules like AP,AR,GL,CRM etc.

    Would any body help me on this please…



  4. Hi
    I would like to understand more on P2P functional and Time & Expenses functional role.
    Please include me all proceeding.

    Thanks, Nitin


  5. Hi Shiv,
    I am interested in learning-
    Oracle General Ledger – Functional & Oracle Accounts Payable – Functional
    Request you to join me in the loop, if a training is on or yet to start… or request you to start one ASAP for all interested people…


  6. I am interested in learning Oracle AP module. Please give me information like duration, cost and course information etc.,


  7. i have to learn oracle what kind of basic knowledge is required & what other types of cources in it just let me know?

    thanks sagar


  8. im just not start my career in oracle apps,i saw your site it was amazing for me could you refer me to learn this any centre in the city like bangalore,hyderabad,chennai.


  9. Hi,

    i am a MCA fresher,which oracle ebs module should i choose to get a good job n which has high returns in terms of pay package.
    I m Grad in B Sc.(Instrumentation)
    Strong ability to learn any new thing ,even totally from new field e.g Financial,manufacturing.
    Please give me 2-3 option keeping in mind future so that i can research further n go for it.


  10. Devendra,

    I would like to get into Oracle Functional side especially PO, OM, INV, WMS. Your advise will be more value added on my career goal.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Warm Regards


  11. Hi,
    I am intersted in Oracle Financials Training ( techno-functional) too.
    Please let me know the details.

    best regards,


  12. Hi ,

    I am Interested in Oracle Financials Training (Technical). Just let me know the date and time in case if you were planning for 1.


  13. Hi Shiv

    I am doing some research on Oracle projects module lately.I will like to know about Oracle Project manufacturing,costing and Billing.The implementation I am in would require a sound knowledge on the flow so if you have any business scenarios or example on manufacturing,costing and billing it will be nice.

    I do need your help on this front.


    1. Hi,

      I am Oracle apps technical consultant. I am very much interested in learning functional concepts in modules like AP,AR,GL,CRM etc.

      Would any body help me on this please…



  14. This is a great site and a great initiative which is going to help many.
    Can I know that, when can you start training? I am interested to take some technical cource


  15. I want to learn and to get training on the Oracle program , beacuse I’m Accountant and I don’t know anything about it .


  16. I have read few of you articles and they are really great. Please provide with complete order 2 cash cycle with technical details, interface code invovled.



  17. Hi Shivmohan,

    You are doing such a wonderful job…for people like us to understand Oracle Apps concepts.
    I have just started working on AP module as SIT ..can u provide me some docs regarding AP.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ashish D


  18. Can Bonus Payment be handled through Compensation WorkBench

    The outcome of the appraisal process using Oracle Performance Management functionality, should provide indicative bonus increment to the appraiser. (Bonus Element defined in payroll)

    Can Compensation Workbench handle Bonus increment,if bonus element defined in Payroll.Please explaion how.


  19. I am tired of searching jobs in oracle, it’s hard for a fresher to get a job. I have certification but still.. disappointment. Now working on a different job which is totally different to my knowledge.. but feeling as if i am a expert in this field.. i am a quick learner fortunately


  20. Hey there were some very few but very imp oracle projects posts…keep it up…this new facility will help budding consultants like me , a gr8 deal.


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