Oracle Cloud ERP Coach – Learning & Sharing with Shivmohan Purohit

About me

I am Shivmohan Purohit, professionally working in areas of Oracle Applications, majority in Oracle Financials – General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Fixed Assets and many more other related modules and technical tool along with IT Projects and IT Governance Areas.

The Know-Oracle was formed in early 2007 with the goal of helping & share some of the good knowledge areas for Oracle Applications

I am intrigued by the ways that learning is changing in an era in which technology is touching just about everything. Properly implemented and supported instructional technologies and tools can help to make learning more engaging and productive for students and teachers alike. Of course, it’s never about the technology alone – tech is just a tool that should never substitute for good teaching. But tech can help teachers make the shift to student-centered learning.

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