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Salary form in Oracle HR

I have been asked this question by many clients and consultants recently, and the solution is pretty straight forward. So, i thought i’ll share it here with y’all.

Oracle released a Family pack RUP 2 for HRMS last year, and it brought in a new feature – The web based Salary Administration form.

For many users, it was a thrill. But for a lot others, it was a challenge to get it to work. They are used to the old form based salary administration interface. Some of them even have custom hooks on the form that can not be implemented on the webpage so easily.

So, the Question is, how to revert to the salary form after applying this RUP, so you can still continue using the form based salary administration.

Here’s the answer. And as i said, its pretty straightforward.

Taskflows come to rescue.

Here are the steps to replace “New Salary Framework Page” with “Old Salary Form”:

  • Select any HRMS or Super HRMS Manager Responsibility (Example: US HRMS Manager)
  • Open the “Define Taskflow” form. (Security->Task Flow Definitions)
  • Query the Taskflow that is used by the Person form function (For Example: US HRMS PERSON TASKFLOW). Normally, this is the custom Taskflow.
  • Go to “Node section – Name field” and add “SALFORMNODE” by inserting a new row and selecting “SALFORMNODE” from Lov in the Name field.
  • Then Query “NASSIGN” node in “Node Section”.
  • In “Navigation Options Section”, delete record that has “SALREVIEW” for Node. Select “Yes” in the delete warning window.
  • In Navigation Options, insert new record with the following details:
    Seq: 1
    Button: Checked
    Label: &Salary (leave the default &Salary as is)
  • Save and Exit the “Define Taskflow” form.
  • Logout the current applications and re-login to check that the “Old Salary form” is launched instead of “New Salary Page” when “Salary” button is selected in Assignment Window.

Try this, and let us know if you still have any issues. Most probably, it’s because you are using Oracle 


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