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Oracle Purchasing – Purchase Order FAQ

What is 2-way, 3-way, 4-way matching? How is this set-up?


2-way matching verifies that Purchase order and invoice information match within your tolerances as follows:

Quantity billed <= Quantity Ordered
Invoice price <= Purchase order price
(<= sign is used because of tolerances)

3-way matching verifies that the receipt and invoice information match with the quantity tolerances defined:

Quantity billed <= Quantity received

4-way matching verifies that acceptance documents and invoice information match within the quantity tolerances defined:

Quantity billed <= Quantity accepted.
(Acceptance is done at the time of Inspecting goods).

Whether a PO shipment has 2-way, 3-way or 4-way matching can be setup in the Shipment Details zone of the Enter PO form (character)

Receipt required  Inspection required       Matching

Yes                            Yes                                         4-way

Yes                            No                                           3-way

No                              No                                           2-way

In GUI, Shipments block, alternative region, click on More…this brings up a region with ‘Invoice matching’ column where you can choose 2-way, 3-way or 4-way match.

How do you reflect discount from a supplier on a Purchase orders?
The legal document is the Purchase order not the quote and therefore the purchase order should reflect agreed upon price.  Secondly if the discount comes after the PO then AP should handle it when invoicing.  If you are using a blanket Purchase order then you can use price breaks.

How do you change the created date on a Purchase Order?
The 'Created' date on the Purchase order is not an updateable field, due to it being a legal document once approved.

What is the sorting order for requisition lines in autocreation of a Purchase Order?
Requisition lines first meet search criteria determined by "find" screen, and then are grouped together by item and item category, then by need-by date. After you choose an action, enter any search criteria to narrow the selection of requisition lines.  Oracle Purchasing chooses requisition lines from the requisition pool that meet your search criteria.  All requisition lines for the same item and item category are grouped together, but they are not necessarily in order alphabetically.  Within each grouping of item and item category, requisition lines are ordered by need-by date.

What does the error ‘APP-50022: Oracle Human Resources could not retrieve a value for User Type profile option’ mean?
The profile HR: User Type needs to be set. Set the profile option ‘HR: User Type’ at the Responsibility level

When do you see the status of a Purchase order as Archived?
You must approve or print a specific purchase order before you can see it in the history information.

In Oracle Purchasing, where is the automatic numbering for Purchase Order defined and maintained?
The navigation path for GUI is:
Setup --> Organizations --> Purchasing Options, Numbering alternate region

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