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How To Open A Worksheet Directly From Oracle Applications Menu ?

Hello Friends, many of my past work involve integrating oracle discoverer with oracle applications, here there is one of the ways to leverage both to integrate within applications.

 How To Open A Worksheet Directly From Oracle Applications Menu ?

 If a workbook has 4 worksheets how to default to a particular worksheet. This article will help you to pass the worksheet identifier and parameter directly while opening a workbook. The worksheet identifier and the worksheet parameters for the workbook has to be specified in the form function with below mentioned guidlines.

Form Function  Definition 
Function NameInternal Function Name
Function User NameFunction name (as shown on the menu)
DescriptionFunction description
&PARAMETERS=sheetid~worksheet id*param_parameter name One~Parameter One Value*param_parameter name Two~Parameter Two Value*
HTML CallOracleOasis.RunDiscoverer

 Parameters in the parameter list are delimited by the characters

“param_” at the beginning of each parameter and
“~” as delimiter between parameter name and value and
“*” at the end of each parameter

 ICX interprets the PARAMETER list and passes the parameters to Discoverer in the required URL format.

 Example 1

 If the workbook id is CAHRMS_ABSENCE_CALENDAR_REPORT and worksheet id is 1 then parameter will be as follows


 Example 2

If the workbook id is CAHRMS_ABSENCE_CALENDAR_REPORT , worksheet id is 1 and the value for worksheet parameter “deptname”  to be passed is 10 then parameter will be as follows


 Example 3

If a workbook has two parameters “Company” and “City” you would specify in the Parameter list of the Form funtion:

param_Company~Oracle Corp.*param_City~Redwood Shores* 

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