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How to delete a date track change in assignment record?

How to delete a date track change in assignment record?

Employee had an assignment starting on 1-Jan-2007 to 31-Dec-4712
Made a change one 1-Feb-2007 by fault,
Now has 2 Records
1. 1-Jan-2007 to 31-Jan-2007
2. 1-Feb-2007 to 31-Dec-4712

How to restore to have continuous service in same assignment between 1-Jan-2007 and 31-Dec-4712?
When an update (as opposed to a correction) is made in an HRMS datetracked form, a new row is added to the base table.
Most datetracked forms (e.g. Enter and Maintain People, Enter Assignment, etc) display the fields Effective Start Date and Effective End Date.
When an ‘update’ is made to the data on the screen, the Effective Start Date will become the date of that change.  Prior to that date the change is not implemented.

Steps for Solutions –>
1.  Datetrack to a date before the date of the update.
Check that the Effective End Date is the day before the change date.
2.  Press the Delete icon.
3.  At the message ‘Do you really want to delete this record?’ click on ‘Yes’.
4.  You will get a list of options – ‘Next’, ‘All’, ‘Purge’.
Press ‘Next’ to remove the update.
Press ‘All’ if there are more that one updates to this record in the future and you want to remove them all.
Press ‘Purge’ to remove the record totally from the system (not what you want in this case).
You may not be able to do all 3 options in which case the unavailable ones will either not be shown or will
generate a meaningful error message.
5. When you have pressed ‘Next’ or ‘All’ the record will disappear from the screen and you should press Save.

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