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How To Customize Standard Oracle Application Using Custom Library – custom.pll

There are numerous scenarios for each customer to customize the standard Application. The following sample code demonstrate how to pop up an error message when customer business validation fails.
This note provides a detail steps for customizing the standard application using custom library.

The code attached here will validate number of digits entered in Customer PO Number field from the sales order form. If the number of digits exceeds 3 digits an error message needs to be populated.

  1. Take a back up of custom.pll and custom.plx from $AU_TOP/resource
  2. Have custom.pll, appcore.pll and appcore2.pll copied over to your local folder. The best method is to just copy the entire contents of $AU_TOP/resource
  3. Open CUSTOM.pll in Oracle Forms Developer
  4. Attach appcore2.pll to the custom library
  5. Modify the text of the CUSTOM package body in the appropriate section as below
  6. Save your changes and use the Oracle Forms Compiler program to generate a custom.plx file for the CUSTOM library
  7. Exit from Oracle Forms Developer.
  8. Verify that your file generated successfully. If path name is left blank the file will be generated in c:\orawin\bin (or platform equivalent). Move it to AU_TOP/resource.
  9. Retry it out from the Oracle Applications Navigator.


Modify the code CUSTOM package body as follows in the appropriate sections

procedure event(event_name varchar2) is
form_name varchar2(30) := name_in(‘system.current_form’);
block_name varchar2(30) := name_in(‘system.cursor_block’);
item_name varchar2(30) := name_in(‘system.cursor_item’); 
if (form_name = ‘OEXOEORD’and block_name = ‘ORDER’) then
   if LENGTH(name_in(‘ORDER.CUST_PO_NUMBER’)) > 3 then
     fnd_message.set_name(‘FND’,’Cust PO Number should be less than 4 digits’);
   End if;
End if;
End Event;


If the customer PO Number in sales order form has less than 4 digits the form will not populate any error message. If the customer po number field has more than for 3 digits the error message will be populated.

Retry it from following steps:

1. Open the Application Navigator 
2. Navigate to Order Management Responsibility 
3. Open the Sales Order Form 
4. Enter the values in Custom PO Number field with 4 digits
5. While navigating to next field the following error message pops up   

Cust PO Number should be less than 4 digits

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