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Employee Directory in Oracle HRMS

Today I am going to talk about a not-so-popular and less known feature of Oracle HRMS. Its called the employee directory.

Well, as the name suggest, Employee Directory is a directory of all employees of any organization. Employee Directory provides a webbased frontend that helps search any employee in the organization. It allows to browse through the organizational hierarchy, check who’s who in the company, who reports to whom and how many people report to a manager….lot of information, on one page.

Its a great tool. One of the coolest feature is the employee picture. The picture that you load on employee form in Oracle HRMS – is visible here on the webpage in employee directory.

Recently at a client i implemented employee directory. Here are the quick steps to make it work:

1. Add a new menu to Employee Self Service (assuming you want this feature available to all employees).

2. Menu Item Name : Employee Directory
3. Function User Name: Simple Search
5. Description: Employee Directory Simple Search

Navigation to do this:

  1. Goto Applications à Menu
  2. Query for “Employee Self Service” in User Menu Name.
  3. Scroll all the way to end and add one more line.
  4. Prompt “Employee Directory”, Function “Simple Search”
  5. It will provide multiple options for “Simple Search” – select the “Employee Directory Simple Search” option.
  6. Save

Try this…and probably some time soon, i’ll also put together something to tell you how to upload bulk of Employee pictures in Oracle HRMS.

Have fun with oracle! Have fun at knoworacle!

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