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Differences between Oracle Technical, Oracle Functional and Oracle Techno-Functional

We can take these three areas as how people/ professional pursue their interest as well how business and technology piece link together. The importance of all three role is same and only context of business and IT Project lifecycle along with complexity of process define/ decide which is best suited and workout. My genuine defintion is all three are very much influence in business scenarios. Also moving from one area to other take good amount of  study, hardwork and committment.

EducationsTechnical degree ie BE, Mtech, MCATechnical degree ie BE, Mtech, MCABusiness degree i.e. MBA, CFA, CA, CPIM etc
ProfileTechnical development and like to get expertise in technical areas i.e. architecture, DBA, developer, researchStart with technical and pursue on analysis driven activities ie. Business analyst, technical analyst, cordinationsWork toware operations, business site with little or no knowledge on IT side
Type of taskDevelopment, debugging,Production support, coordinationImplementation, User training

As a team or as anorganization, all three type of role and people require, it is the work context which define which type of profile more suited in particular phase of project lifecycle. In idea scenario blending is best but having blending cause confusion and overlapping of outline responsibility that is quite tricky and risky.

In project / Product lifecycle, while in research, analysis, requirement phase, there is lot of need of people having functional insight of business, process, procedure along with government law, tax, market etc. In development technical people need to convert and bring all feature and product in best technical part, there if functional people did their job nicely they technical team also deliver with good quality. After that in transition, training or early life or later ongoing support, to bring more productivity as well value of money, people with technical background having enough business awareness are best suited, we call they techno-functional.

Friends , i surely like to know your views and feedback on my thoughts, also plz add your thoughts in this topic to get more clarity and outline some useful way to explain these three terms — Oracle Technial , Oracle Functional , Oracle Techno-Functional.

Wishes — Shivmohan

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