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DataLoad with Oracle E-business Suites (Oracle Applications/ Financials)

DataLoad with Oracle E-business Suites (Oracle Applications/ Financials)

DataLoad is a tool for manipulating the data and commands in Oracle E-Business and other software by sending pre-defined data and commands to the target program. These help pages are the primary source of information about DataLoad and how to use it. Follow one of the menu links on the left to the section which best fits your question or use the table of contents to find the information you are looking for. Implementing or supporting any application often requires significant effort to configure and load master and transaction data, for example from legacy systems, an expensive and time-consuming activity.

DataLoad reduces the time and costs associated with data migration. Its easy-to-use interface means that it can be used by non-technical employees, giving end-users an active role in the implementation and support of any system.

·   Non-technical users can easily configure and load data into any system

·   Recommended by Oracle, DataLoad contains specific additional features to load large volumes of data in any implementation of Oracle Applications.

·   DataLoad is sponsored by leading UK systems integrator Edenbrook, which has committed to support and improve the tool.

·   DataLoad is available in Classic and Professional editions, catering to all types of application implementation from the simple to the vastly complex.

·   DataLoad Classic is available to download free of charge.

Q. Can I use DataLoad with Oracle E-Business 11i, E-Business R12, etc?

A. DataLoad works with any Windows based applications and contains enhancements for use with Oracle E-Business. DataLoad has been tested with all current versions of E-Business that are supported by Oracle and has been proved to work correctly. As new versions of E-Business are released DataLoad is tested with these releases to ensure continued support. Full R12 compatibility was added in DataLoad V4.3.9.0.

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