Oracle Applications/ Financials – General / Concepts

  1. Oracle 11i Multi Org – Click here

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  1. Hi..
    For supplier ABC, I made TDS set-up of 2%.
    One Standard Invoice created, then one credit memo entry for the standard invoice should be automatic created, but TDS invoice is created only after validated the invoice, i want to know how to made setup if for supplier tds is deducted then tds entry should be come without validating the standard invoice and in same(standard) invoice line, means tds entry will come in standard invoice line not in seperated entry. Is that possible ?
    please help me.



  2. hi there
    i am not able to see this
    Oracle Applications/ Financials – General / Concepts
    Oracle 11i Multi Org

    they are saying its no available


  3. Nice ! some useful informations here.
    I am interested in getting the TRM pdf version even the old ones.
    I know we use the ETRM but the one in pdf are still useful though.
    Other info : setting up the dep methods in OFA


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