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Oracle Applications ( Ebusiness Suites ) General

  1. Running 11i Reports — Word Document

Oracle General Ledger

  1. Oracle GL Posting Setup – Click here
  2. FSG – Financials Statement Generator – Setup – Click here

Accounts Payables

  1. General Ledger to Subledger Drill Down — Click here
  2. How to match AP invoice to PO – Overview – Clike here
  3. AP Month closing Process – In Depth – click here

Accounts Receivables

  1. Technical Perspective on Accounts Receivable Receipts – Click here
  2. AR Customer Interface – Overview and Usage – Click here
  3. AR AutoInvoice – Overview and how to – Click here
  4. AR AutoAccounting Setup – click here
  5. Receivables AutoLock Box Setup – Click Here


Oracle Applications DBA/ System Adminstration

  1. Oracle Apps – Concurrent Systems – SQL files – click here

Oracle Database Technical

  1. Oracle Optimizers ( Rule Based and Cost Based ) — click here

21 thoughts

  1. hi shiv
    i tried to look at the documents and PDFs but when i click on the link, it does not open. It says the page could not be found. Can you please send me the correct link or the documents to my gmail.



  2. Hi Shiv,
    Do you have any documentation on EBS R12 architecture? Also I need the most is student guide on OIC (oracle incentive compensation) for imparting training.
    Thanks, Rajiv


  3. Hi,
    I am searching for order management full tutoria,white papers, documents etc….Could you please mail me .


  4. Hi Shiv,
    a very gud site..pretty helpful for starters..i need a small clarification on the accounting entries created during invoice matching to the scenarios shown..the Poc harge a/c is getting debited even fr an in inventory that correct? When does the inventory account or the material account get debited?Shouldnt there be some change in the inventory status?


  5. Hello!
    I need all the tutorials related to forms n report making please mail it to my id i didn’t get when i download


  6. i need some suggestions from you people, pls help how to study oracle or even what ever database related, pls send some useful info, lokking for your help…… pls give me your suggestions even notes
    tamilnadu, india


  7. The link for Technical Perspective on Accounts Receivable Receipts still does not work. I tried logging to Google docs. Can you send me the file?


  8. Hello Sir, Gud work,Sir i am new to this field,and to get a job in oracle apps financials with 1.6 years exp which is not real time,can u tell me what questions are asked in the interview about the real time scenarios,how can i justify the experience.Here we r given 2 years of fake thinking how we clear the interview?


  9. hej there !
    can any one tell me where can I get the technical information regarding – base tables , interface tables , registering my own forms and designing own reports –
    please do let me know thanks


  10. The link for Technical Perspective on Accounts Receivable Receipts still does not work. I tried logging to Google docs. Can you send me the file?


  11. Can I see the coding of PL/Sql stored procedure which resides in Application Object library.

    PL/ SQL stored procedure WFLOCALBS.

    Pl. help me


  12. Thanks Kaushik to point out this, I checked and found that relevant pdf file on AR Receipt is available to download and use. This file i have uploaded on Google Docs, so you first need to have google login to use google docs. plz try following step, if they doesn’t work, let me know i will send in email.
    1. Login in google docs or gmail or igoogle , if u don’t have login then u may to create one
    2. come to this page and then click on link , this will open google docs and on left top side u will see link saying ( download 60 k ).

    try and let me know if it works or not.

    * as a information, now on i will uploading all file on where it is login free site and easy to use. thanks


  13. the link for Technical Perspective on Accounts Receivable Receipts does not work. It says “Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested does not exist.” can u send the doc to my e-mail id?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kaushik Biswas


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