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Oracle cloud approvals | What is Approval? How BPM/Approval works

Oracle Cloud Approvals By Amit Bhatnagar


  • What is Approval?
  • Advantages of Approvals
  • How BPM/Approval works in Oracle
  • Components of Approval
  • The Setup process in Oracle Cloud ERP
  • Transaction Flow

What is Approval?

Written consent by a regulatory body to proceed with a requested activity, without in any way diminishing the applicant’s obligation to meet the standard or specified requirements.

Approval may take the form of certification, licensing, or registration, and is sometimes used as an alternative term for authorization.

Advantages of Approval Management

  • Automated approval workflows
  • Offers mobile access
  • Efficient Approval Workflow Tracking
  • Process Transparency
  • Ad-hoc Approvals
  • Convenience

How BPM/Approval works in Oracle

  • A highly extensible approvals rules engine?
  • A central repository holds all the rules to facilitate management and sharing between business processes?
  • The Transaction is initiated for approval, based on condition and rules certain actions are carried out?
  • Approval is based on SOA suite in Oracle Cloud?
  • The human workflow service is responsible for handling all interactions with users or groups participating in the business process

Components of BPM in Oracle Cloud

Oracle BPM Worklist – A web-based application that lets users access tasks assigned to them and perform actions based on their roles in the approval process

Oracle BPM Worklist supports the following profiles

  • Work assignee
  • Process owner
  • Workflow administrator

Task – It is a business process which requires approval

List Builders – Each approval stage consists of list builders to determine the actual list of approvers

Task Operations – Each task is expected to go through a process

Setup Process in Oracle Cloud

  • Identify a task/ process to setup approval for?
  • Design the conditions for those tasks?
  • Design the list builder?
  • Select the action(s)?

Transaction Flow

  • The transaction is entered in the system?
  • First Level – Transaction is submitted for approval and staged for a review?
    • Case1 – Approved: it is routed to second level Review?
    • Case2 – Rejected: The transaction terminates there?
  • Second Level – ?
    • Case1 – Approved: it is Completed and submitted for further processing?
    • Case2 – Rejected: The transaction terminates there?

Watch This Video For More Detailed About Oracle Cloud Approval

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