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Extra tips : Learnings from Good Managers v/s Bad Managers

How do you compare the two: learnings you had from poor managers and learnings you had from great managers?

The learning from bad managers remind of the difficult experience we had with them…….good managers with imparting great learning also help build a great relation….but the fact of the matter is that both make you more wise in corporate career and add a great learning value….

Advantages of Bad Manager:

1. Makes you prepare for hard times

2. Gives u an opportunity to learn on your own

3. U fill great when you join another co. or manager changes ;).

4. keeps you motivated for a job hunt


1. Difficult to give your 100% in current job.

2. A fear of making mistakes remains.

Advantages of Good Manager:

1. Opportunity to learn from him each day.

2. A motivation to work hard and give your 200%.

2. Makes you feel that you are on right career path.

Not much of a disadvantage otherwise he/she will also fall into bad manager category….

Bad Managers tend to increase the negativity in you – fear of mistakes, half hearted efforts, more lies and absenteeism everything starts becoming a part of life, besides anger , frustration and sometimes depression.

Good managers tend to increase the positivity in you – confidence is boosted, fear reduces leading to a more assertiveness and higher risk appetite, which often leads to success.Besides, there’s is always a hope of doing more and better professionally, which shows up in improved performance.

At times the learning curve, when working with a bad manager can be much steeper than when working with a good manager. Most of the people perhaps know what should be done but knowing what should not be done is critical too.

While good managers teach you the art of planning in advance, doing things right, help develop your confidence and guide you on Technical front as well as interpersonal relationships,

Incompetent Managers teach you to value all these things in a Good Manager.

However i would say both experiences are extremely essential in the growth of an individual in early wrking yrs

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