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23 thoughts

  1. I learned much from this site, very useful, keep it up and go also for advance levels,i want technical information from gl,ap,ar,po modules


  2. Dear friend,
    It would be Glad if you can help me with a process questionnaire to client to Implement. PMS/IRECRUITMENT modules for a middle east client.
    I need a questionaire to seek information from client on the above process. can you help me with some inputs please.

    we are implementing on 11i instance for your information.


  3. Pls can someone help. I need to let auditors know why my sequencing in trx_number in Receivables keeps skipping. We are using Autoinvoice, so there should be no reason for numbers to be missed.



  4. Hi all,
    I want to display the message on login page when the application server is down for backup. Anybody tries to run the URL will get the message that the Server backup is process or somthing like that. We are using Oracle EBS R12.
    Kindly help


  5. Hi,

    I have trained in Oracle Financial modules (12) from Oracle University and Certified Expert in Payables. But I don’t have practical work experience. I am gathering all required documents like MD50 etc., but haven’t prepared on my own yet. i am trying to cover all implementation steps for GL, AP,AR modules.Could you please help me to get some practical work knowledge ie how to face real work environment.


  6. Dear Professional,

    i need to learn Oracle iPayments, Can any one suggest me where should i get training , any online trainings are available.



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