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5 Lessons to Learn from Makar Sankranti

5 Lessons to Learn from Makar Sankranti Makar Sankranti (Uttarayan or Pongal or Poush Sankranti as it is called in other parts of India) coincides with the day the Sun leaves the tropic of Cancer to move towards the tropic of Capricorn (called Makar in India).   The warmth in the air is apt to sow new seeds of crops and legumes after a wintry season. #1 No celebration without sharing! Makar Sankranti represents the commencement of the harvest season in India. When there is harvest, the first crop you get, you share with everyone! Celebration cannot happen without sharing. #2 Speak sweet things and Think positively In Maharashtra, the “Til Gud” ( a sweet made of sesame seeds and jaggery) are prepared in homes to mark the harvest of the first sugarcane crop of the year (out of which jaggery is made). While exchanging “Til Gud”, people say ‘tilgud ghya, gode gode bola,’ (तीळ गूळ घ्या नी गोड-गोड बोला). It means : Eat the til gud and speak sweet things and think positively. #3 Harsh winters always make way for pleasant sunshine This is the time that marks the end of the harsh winters and the beginning of a time of pleasant sunshine! So we celebrate that. #4 Importance of Change against ‘status quo’ The word Sankranti literally means “movement”, and it is the day for the human race to realise and be thankful for movement. If there was to be no movement within and without our bodies, we would all be dead! But just like yin and yang in China, the concept of movement must be juxtaposed and appreciated against the stillness. Therefore, when we fly kites in the lap of the still skies, it is a reiteration of our thankfulness for this very moving! #5 Choose the right Manja and Be Flexible Each individual has to decide as to how high he/she wants the kite to fly and accordingly choose the length and quality of the Manja While flying kites people shout out “dheel de!” to their companions. It means when you are in the midst of a strong gust of wind, you have to let go of the string and adapt to the situation Happy Lohri, Makar Sankranti & Pongal! #sankranti#pongal #lohri#makarsankranti
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