10 Key Features / Functions of Oracle Cloud ERP

 ERP systems was designed for on-premises installation with a database management system as a backend. Those installations are increasingly replaced with the cloud by most ERP vendors. Maintaining and keeping them to the current standards might expensive and time-consuming for these older version-ERP systems. Oracle has emphasized migration to the ERP cloud and has outlined many guiding policies on the deployment process.

What is Oracle ERP Cloud?

Oracle ERP Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service recognized for its capability to scale with your business as it develops and expands. SaaS application provide multiple modules on the same platform without going thru the long drawn installation process. Its strong execution of automated business processes across various modules makes it a go-to ERP option for companies looking for large business cloud providers. The deployment choices are flexible and easier. The software runs in the cloud so data security is a top priority.

Oracle Implementation of AI into the ERP cloud has increased its marketing potential. Smart suggestions concerning financial expenses and budgeting have enabled the finance-operations teams to stay ahead of their game.

The Oracle ERP Cloud is a robust package that organizations should contemplate migrating if they use a legacy on-premise version. The Oracle ERP Cloud solutions has lot for features and functions that are not available in a on-premise version of the product.


Features / Functions of Oracle ERP Cloud


Oracle ERP Cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and works on any smart device. It is beneficial when employees require flexibility in accessing their information due to work schedules.

Ease of Use

Oracle ERP Cloud gets automated software updates, so the cost and pain linked with new releases are comparatively less.


Oracle ERP Cloud gets constant, automated software updates.


Oracle ERP Cloud allows the organization to quickly achieve new functionality at a lower price.


Oracle ERP Cloud has zero up-front license charges and lowers maintenance costs.


Oracle ERP Cloud enables a broad range of application integrations and provides secure architecture capability.


Oracle ERP Cloud maintains complicated integrations as well as bulk data movement.


Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online repository devoted to cloud business applications and professional services. It assists Oracle ERP to deploy the best solutions for your business needs.


Oracle Cloud infrastructure leverages partner capabilities to help you deploy the most suitable solutions for your business requirements.

User Interface

Oracle ERP Cloud makes the oracle cloud applications sleek and user-friendly. It offers a simple, natural experience that makes it quicker and simpler to perform most back-office functions.

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  1. Nice Article Shivman for someone who has just entered the world of Big Data, I feel that in today’s world ERP’s like Oracle ERP Cloud are still relevant even though it has been decades since its conception for smooth working of any organization.

    Richard Grayson
    Analytics Intern
    Tangenz Corporation


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