5 Best Oracle Udemy Courses Listed on DUXSM

Oracle Cloud HCM – Global HR

Course Category : Human Capital Management (HCM)

What You’ll Learn
Students will become experts in implementing Fusion HCM Global HR module

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course

Course Category : MySQL

What You’ll Learn
Become Job Ready to Start Contributing as a Database Developer Day 1
Program in the SQL Language to Solve a Variety of Database Problems
Code along with me to PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT everything you learn
Become a SQL Ninja and Understand How the Oracle Database Works
MASTER the Content Required to Pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 Database SQL Exam
Obtain the Skills that are Necessary to Land a Job as a SQL Developer
Have the Ability to Solve any SQL Problem


A Professionally Certified Supply Chain Management Course

Course Category : Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM)

What You’ll Learn
Strengthening Students On Concepts Of Supply Chain Management gist.
Creating Efficient Systems For The Flow Of Materials, Information, Manufacturing Process
Creating Efficient Systems For Other Services From The Raw Materials Right Through To The Final Product As It Reaches To The Customers.
Supply Chain Finance, Global Sourcing, Procurement Process
Understanding People in the Supply Chain & Purchase Management

Oracle Fusion Technical – BI,OTBI,BICC,FRS, SmartView & More

Course Category : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What You’ll Learn
Business Intelligence (BI)
BI – Yeh Dil Maange More
BI as Outbound Integration Tool
BI ESS Jobs & Report Security
Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
Business Intelligence Cloud Connector (BICC)
Financial reporting Studio (FRS)
Smart View
UCM Web Service


Oracle Analytic Functions In-Depth & Advanced Oracle SQL

Course Category : Analytics

What You’ll Learn
Use SQL with aggregation operators.
SQL for Analysis and Reporting functions
Group and aggregate data using the ROLLUP and CUBE operators
The GROUPING function
Composite Columns and the concatenated Groupings
CUME_DIST (cumulative distribution)
The LAG/LEAD Functions
LISTAGG function
Aggregate functions VS Analytic Part
Aggregate functions & windowing clause In-Depth
Moving Average and running totals
Advanced Oracle SQL
And much more

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