Top 5 DUXSM ERP Videos

Procure to pay Life cycle in Oracle Cloud

In this Video we discussed about Procure to pay Life cycle in Oracle fusion cloud How to create Purchase order, Receipt, Invoice in Oracle fusion Cloud

How to Prepare for Your Oracle Cloud ERP Implementation

Rather than jumping straight into your Oracle Cloud ERP implementation, it is imperative that you first prepare and complete the transformation readiness phase of your project. This is a phase that too many companies overlook, which is why so many Oracle Cloud ERP implementations fail. This video provides a technology-agnostic overview of the framework you should leverage to prepare for your Oracle Cloud ERP implementation.


How to write Fast Formulas in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

Oracle Revenue Management Cloud Service | What is revenue management | Expert talk

What every ERP Consultant to know about RMCS
Why RMCS/Concept
Benefit of RMCS
RMCS Configuration
User Case
Business Flow

Oracle Cloud Financials – Overview of Financials Processes


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