OUM provides support for Application Implementation, Cloud Application Services Implementation, and Software Upgrade projects as well as the complete range of technology projects including Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Security, WebCenter, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Application Integration Architecture (AIA), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Integration, and Custom Software. Detailed techniques and tool guidance are provided, including a supplemental guide related to Oracle Tutor and UPK.

The OUM Training Program helps to ensure that individuals in consulting sales, delivery, and management roles have the level of delivery and estimating knowledge required for them to competently perform their job. The Training Levels include:

Oracle Unified Methodology ( OUM ) Adopted by IT Convergence - YouTube

Here is direct link – https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:24:100727450764406::::P24_CONTENT_ID,P24_PREV_PAGE:6364,24

  • · Level 1 – Oracle Unified Method Overview and Awareness
  • · Level 2 – Envision Focus Area Overview
  • · Level 2 – Manage Focus Area Overview
  • · Level 2 – Implement Focus Area Overview
  • · Level 2 – Use Case Overview
  • · Level 4D – Application Implementation Delivery Readiness
  • · Level 4D – Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management Delivery Readiness
  • · Level 4D – Enterprise Architecture Delivery Readiness
  • · Level 4D – Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Delivery Readiness
  • · Level 4D – Software Upgrade Delivery Readiness
  • · Level 4D – Utilities Global Business Unit (UGBU) Delivery Readiness Course

direct link – https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:141:4588377675595::::P141_PAGE_ID,P141_SECTION_ID:10,53

Cloud Application Services Implementation Approach https://download.oracle.com/tutorials/cloud/121013_109261_source/index.htm

Oracle  OUM Cloud Application Services Approach

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