Webinar on Basic Accounting Concepts for Non-Accounting Background Consultants

Jul 4th 5.30 PM India time / 8 AM US Eastern Time

Expert Speaker

CA Arvind Varaganti

CA Arvind Varaganti is working on Oracle Financials for the last 15 years. He worked for various clients and in various domains. By qualification, he is a Chartered Accountant.

He Traveled around and worked for clients in India, Europe, Australia and US.

He helps the Oracle Consultants and very active in various Oracle related Whats apps groups, Telegram groups, etc.

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Arvind also active in Oracle support community portal.

He also runs a Youtube channel which has over 5000 Subscribers.

Join Expert Talk With CA Arvind Varaganti – 4 July 5.30 PM India time / 8 AM US Eastern Time

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