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Friends, i can totally understand when you are out of job involuntarily. and you want to join new firm ASAP and looking help in that. We mostly try regular approach , we pick up our resume’ and start applying all type of jobs we come across. and we ask people to help in job search.

Here i like to give one perspective to reflect and think. Everyone need 2-3 opportunities to weight and 1 job to start. As you already out of job without your wish , and having many social, financials obligation to fill so u want job ASAP but pause for a minute and think, why not you prepare yourself for your expected future role, future position, future job properly. because sooner/later u will get job but with this perspective you will get job as per your future expectations.

Think Plan Do Repeat

Think – What are you want your future job / role and what are GAPs you have right now.

Plan – your activities for next 3 -5 weeks to minimize those GAPs.

ACT – based on future plan , not just job but your expected job.

Let me give your 3 tips to increase your probably to get your future role/ job. I am sure these will increase your chances 10 times to get your future role of your choice

Prepare your Resume” / CV in NEW format for your new future role in mind

  • Don’t pick your 5 year , 10 year old CV. Get latest contemporary template.
  • Write your resume based on your future role/ job. Languages, words, description accordingly.
  • samples – https://novoresume.com/resume-templates

Upload your resume’in Linkedin and create post to seek professional reference

  • You anyway applying jobs , but take a pause and apply only jobs of your future expectations as you need only 1 job so choose wisely and play smartly.
  • Update your profile to reflect future you. Act for future role.
  • Let your new resume’ showcase to your professional contacts
  • Write up about your future expected role and tag your mentors, seniors , colleagues

Create professional post on linkedin to share your skills and highlight your expertise

as you acting to filling your future job/role gaps , so as you are minimizing those gaps by learning new things, acquiring new knowledge , doing exams/course/ certifications , so lets showcase those via putting post, articles or updates on your Linkedin.

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Feel free to share your opinion and lets help each other to make future better professionally. I am happy to help. Anyone out of job in Oracle EBS/ R12/ Peoplesoft background, we are doing Oracle Cloud ERP Master Class series , good chance to upgrade your level and skills – join FREE – https://know-oracle.com/2020/05/14/oracle-cloud-erp-webinar-series-every-tuesday/



we are also working out to help our fellow professionals , so feel free to join this program also – https://know-oracle.com/2020/05/25/knoworacle-cloud-erp-coach-leap-learning-for-excellence-and-progression/

Master Class 1
Master Class 2

Thanks – Shivmohan Purohit

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