KnowOracle – Cloud ERP Coach– LEAP (Learning for Excellence And Progression) 

EBS / R12/ PeopleSoft Professionals – Out of job ? 

CLT and KnowOracle team bring this Cloud ERP Readiness and Ennoblement program.  This is an experimented Coaching Program.  This is not a training, not job assistance or exam support program.  This is Online Coaching Program with hands-on learning and building overall excellence as ERP consulting Professional  


  • 5+ Year in Oracle EBS / R12/ PeopleSoft 
  • Currently Out of Job because of professional reasons.  

Steps :  

Approach : 

  • Phase 1 – 20 Days/ 3 Weeks – Awareness / Build your Knowledge 
  • Phase 2- 30 days / 5 Weeks – Get hands-on / Build your skills 
  • Phase 3 – 50 Days / 8 Weeks – Get mastery / Build Expertise / Certification Readiness 

Fee : 

Phase 1 is FREE to join in.  Phase 2 participation based on your Screening and your readiness.  

Time Commitment and expectations: 

  • 10 hours to attend Online Program on weekly basis 
  • Ready to give 20+ hours in addition for assignment, practice, documentations and task preparation, execution and delivery. 
  • This will be open Program, so be ready to interact with other fellow members and your email/ name/ employment history/ phone number will be share with them as well 

Plan : 

  • Tuesday – Online Session– Evening India time / US Morning time 
  • Wednesday – Community Learning event 
  • Thursday – On Project Execution / Career Skills 
  • Friday – Online Session – Evening India time / US Morning time 
  • Saturday –  India Morning – Live Q&A 

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