In ERP Finance cloud Update 20B, lot of new features have been introduced which will certainly provide flexibility, met the specific client requirements and an integrated solution across the financial modules. Below are some the new features that have been introduced:

1) Enables maps with Oracle maps cloud service, this will enable user to calculate trips using Oracle map cloud service.

2) Split expense reports across projects and accounts

3) Joint venture management : Oracle has introduced new product in its family which will provide touchless join venture accounting processes.

4) Report taxable amount based on ledger accounted amounts in tax reporting.

5) Populate budget supplemental segment values: This will help budget managers to quickly enter range of segment values.

6) Drill down to bank reconciliation via OTBI

7) AdFDI is enhanced for the complete status for all journals

8) Transfer income statement and balance sheet account balances to different closing accounts.

9) URL attachments can be given using spreadsheets while creating supplier

10) Retrieve customers, customer accounts and customer sites using a REST service.

11) Party tax profile can be created using REST service

Complete list with detailed explainations are availble here –

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