Manage Enterprise HCM Information

Manage Enterprise HCM Information in Oracle Fusion

The Manage Enterprise HCM Information task includes default settings for your enterprise such as the employment model, worker number generation, and so on.. Person-Name Languages, Work Day Information, Worker Numbers Generation, Employment Model, Person-Name Languages, User and Role Provisioning Setup, User Account Role Provisioning, User Account Maintenance, Alternate Contact E-Mail Address, Send User Name and Password, Default User Name Format

Manage Legal Entity HCM Information

Use legal entity relationships to determine which transactions are intercompany and require intercompany accounting. Your legal entities can be identified as legal employers and therefore, are available for use in Human Capital Management (HCM) applications.

Manage Enterprise Locations and Legal Addresses in Fusion Procurement

how to Manage Location and define
legal addresses while implementation of procurement project.

Steps are listed below

Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > click on manage Implementation Project 

Go to define Enterprise for Procurement.
Click on Go to task at Manage locations.

Above fields for search the existing data and save button will save search criteria. Click on Create icon.

Crete New Location and save created data then submit the same.
Now navigate to manage Legal Addresses.
Click on Go to Task icon.
Click on OK button and then save data.

Manage Legal Entity in oracle fusion hcm

It is the practice of managing a company’s vital information and documents in an orderly system the organization can track and view, with the goal of keeping entities in compliance. Essentially, entity management is a discipline that requires the right technology.

Manage Location in oracle fusion hcm

A location is a physical address of a workforce structure, like a department or a job. In this sense, location refers to a place on the HCM dashboard. Using the Manage Locations task, housed by the Workforce Structures work area, you can create and manage any number of locations you need.

Manage Divisions in oracle fusion hcm

Use of Divisions in Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Divisions are used in HCM to define the management organization hierarchy, using the generic organization hierarchy. This hierarchy can be used to create organization based security profiles.

Manage Departments in oracle fusion hcm

In Oracle Fusion Applications, departments are defined and classified as Department organizations. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) assigns workers to departments, and tracks the headcount at the departmental level.

Manage Business Unit in oracle fusion hcm

To filter reference data, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM), applications use the business unit on the transaction. To set up reference data sharing in Oracle Fusion HCM, you create business units and sets and then assign the sets to the business units.

Manage Actions in oracle fusion hcm

In HCM, actions define the type of change, either voluntary or involuntary, and act as an overall category for the changes you’ve made. Actions can account for regular business goings-on (promotions and hirings) or can help you identify a business flow (like an assignment change, transfer, or termination).

You can also create your own actions by going to the Setup and Maintenance work area and selecting the Manage Actions task.

Manage Job in oracle fusion hcm

You can associate jobs and positions with model profiles that are created in Oracle Fusion Profile Management. A model profile is a collection of the work requirements and required skills and qualifications of a workforce structure, such as a job or position.

Manage Grades in oracle fusion hcm

Manage Grades, Grade Rates, and Grade Ladders in Oracle Fusion HCM. Grades are created to record the level of compensation for workers. You can create grades for multiple pay components, such as salary, bonus, and overtime rates. You can define one or more grades that are applicable for jobs and positions.

Manage Profile Options in oracle fusion hcm

In context of Fusion Applications Profile or rather Profile Options are a set of preferences used to centrally manage user interface settings and application behavior. They provide us a flexible way via which we may change the application behavior to suit specific business needs.

Manage Gallery Portrait in oracle fusion hcm

A portrait comprises personal and employment information about a person; the type and quantity of information in the portrait depend on the security access of the person viewing the portrait.

  • Person search
  • Organization Chart
  • My Portrait

Manage Person Types in oracle fusion hcm

In any enterprise there is a need to identify different groups of people. For each group that exists in your enterprise there may be different types of information you need to keep. You may also want to control access to the records of different groups of people.

There are three basic types of people for whom you maintain information in your human resource system.

  • Employees, both current and ex-employees
  • Applicants, both current and ex-applicants
  • External people

Manage Review Periods in oracle fusion hcm

Review periods are business periods that you use to link Oracle Fusion Talent Management business objects to measure and achieve results within the review period time line. Review periods enable you to organize your processes around goal management and performance evaluations into time bound business cycles.

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