The main purpose of the payroll run is to calculate employee pay correctly at regular intervals. In addition you can perform other payroll processes to ensure  accuracy and provide flexibility for your organization. For example, you can roll back a payroll run when you want to carry out a test run without keeping any record of it having taken place. You can also run a retro pay process when you want to make retrospective adjustments to allow for backdated pay awards.

What are the mandatory fields while creating payroll?

Payroll name, period type and start date

Define elements?

Elements are the building blocks for earnings, deductions, etc. of a payroll

Salary basis?

Salary basis is the duration on which the salary is reckoned. It is a rule to administer pay.

Define quick pay& batch processing

When calculating pay we can use either

-Quick pay process, which is for one employee or

-Batch process for all employees together.

Define Batch element Entry?

The is an open interface specially designed for elements. With BEE

We can quickly incorporate mass updates in any specific elements.

What is Consolidation Set, Element Set& Assignment Set?

Consolidation Set: a grouping of payroll runs within the same time period for which one can schedule reporting. Costing, and post-run processing

Element set:  Grouping of all individual elements in to one set.

Suppose you want to define a special type of payment and make this available only to employees who work at a particular location. In oracle HRMS you use a compensation element to represent the payment. You define the business rule as a link between the element. And the specipoic location. Then when you assign employees to the location they automatically become elegible for the payment

Assignment set: grouping fo assignments for retro pay is generally referred as assignment set.


Fast formulas are pseudo codes used in the payroll for validating the entry values, assignment sets and element sets.


Three concurrent process will run in the post – payroll process

  • Pre-payment process
  • Costing process And
  • Transfer to Gl process

What is BACS, NACHA?

BACS: banks automated clearing system . this is the UK system for making direct deposit payments to employees

NACHA: National automated clearing house association . this is the us system for making direct deposit payments to employees

Does Oracle payroll enable you to run part payrolls?

Yes , oracle payroll enable you to run part payrolls. This is useful in each of the following circumstances where you do not want to process payroll for the entire organization;

Calculating pay for an individual employee?

If an employee leaves the company before the end of a payroll period, you will need to calculate the individual pay entitlement. You may also want to calculate individual pay to check the details for an employee before starting a payrll run for all employees.

Can you verify that a payroll run has completed successfully?

On completion of a payroll run you will need to verify that the run completed successfully. You can display run messages and view latest balances and assignement level results.

Can you make adjustments after a payroll run has completed?

Oracle payroll enables you to make each of the following types of adjustments when a payrll run has completed.

Addition of late entries that were not included in initial run

Corrections to details that were wrongly entered in the initial run

Retrospective distribution of current payments to the period in which they were earned

When you have made these corrections and modifications you can then run the paryll again. However, you do not need to rerun the entire payroll. Oracle payroll will only reprocess those items theat were incorrect in the initial run.

Can you produce payment and costing information from a completed payroll run?

Oracle payroll enables you to use the results of a payroll run to allocate payments to tyour emplyees, and to provide costing information.

Can you verify that payments have been made?

Yes, oracle payroll is fully integrated with oracle cash management. This enables you to use oracle cash

Management to verify that payments have been cashed. Reconciliation can be applied to payroll checks and third party checks. You can identify which checks have been cleared and date on which they were cleared. You can also view a reconciliation report which shows if voided checks appear to have been cashed.

What is the termination rule of the element?

  • Actual termination: for a non-recurring element select actual termination if you want the entries to close down at the end of the pay period in which the employee leaves.
  • Final close: if you want the entries to stay open beyond the employees leaving date so that you can continue to pay the employee.
  • The last standard process date defaults to the last day of the pay period in which the employee is terminated, but you can set it to a later period when you terminate an employee.


What are costing types?

  • Fixed costed
  • Costed
  • distributed

what are six validation types?

  • Dependent
  • Independent
  • None

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