Ask Your Questions : Oracle Financials – EBS or Cloud

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  1. #Question : How to track employee information through Fusion Financials reporting Studio?
    #Question:How to elaborate Fusion Financials clouds implementation extensively?
    #Question: CoA Instance and motive to use CoA instance, How it differen than CoA?
    #Question:Will you please describe Invoice imaging in Payable and Receivables?
    #Question:Tell me more about of frquently used OTBI reports in clouds? How it differed from Oracle BI reports?
    #Question:Please elaborate the Budgetting in Fusion Financials?
    #Question:Please tell me throughly about Encumbrance balances at the end of year/period specially balances which carry forward to next year/period and it’s effect on P2P transactions?
    #Question:How to use Calculation manager for create Mass Allocation Journals and Recurring Journals?
    #Question:How many types of invoices in Payables and it’s uses?
    #Question:How to automate Receiving and Invoice function?
    #Question: What the meaning of Cash Generating Units in FA? How to use it in real time?
    #Question:How to track Unpplanned Depreciations in Assets?
    #Question: How to perform reinstatment in Assets?


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