General guidance and tools

Cloud Documentation

Oracle ERP Cloud Guided Path and Configuration Best Practices (2226879.1)

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Service Implementation Leading Practices

Oracle ERP Cloud Period Close Procedures

Oracle ERP Cloud Integrations (Doc ID 1990910.1)

Upgrade Guide for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud Security, Release 12 (2211555.1)

Oracle ERP Cloud: Performing Your Release 12 Upgrade (Doc ID 2220217.1)

Oracle ERP Cloud: Performing Your Release 11 Upgrade (Doc ID 2106763.1)

Oracle Applications Cloud: Performing Your Release 11 Upgrade (Doc ID 2106785.1)

Fusion Applications Help

Fusion Applications Business Process Models

Oracle Applications Cloud Service Definition – Environment Refresh (Doc ID 2015788.1)

Oracle Fusion Applications Known Issues and Update Documents (Doc ID 1603154.1)

Frequently Asked Questions on Hosting Scenarios for Oracle Cloud Fusion Applications Services (Doc ID 1537549.1)

Oracle Applications Cloud – Release Upgrade Planning (Doc ID 2016981.1)

Upgrade Guide for Oracle Cloud Applications Security (Doc ID 2016990.1)

Cloud Applications Security Simplified Reference Role Model white paper (Doc ID 2016990.1) 


Information Center: Fusion Financials Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1368842.2)

Information Center: Troubleshooting Fusion General Ledger (GL) (Doc ID 1375862.2)

Information Center: Fusion Payables Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1363062.2)

Information Center: Troubleshooting Fusion Payments (Doc ID 1369326.2)

Information Center: Fusion Receivables Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 1381399.2)

Information Center: Fusion Assets Product (Doc ID 1388507.2)

Information Center: Troubleshooting Fusion Tax (Doc ID 1354843.2)

Information Center: Troubleshooting Fusion Sub Ledger Accounting (Doc ID 1423491.2)

Information Center: Fusion Projects and Portfolio Management Troubleshooting (Doc ID 1398030.2)

Fusion Expenses: Product Information Center (Doc ID 1573632.1)

Information Center: Fusion Procurement (Doc ID 1358909.2)

Information Center: Fusion Applications BI & Reporting – ESSBase and Financial Reporting (Doc ID 1617561.2)

How-To’s and Important My Oracle Support (MOS) notes


Project Financial Management & Project Management



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