OUM currenet release 6.3 provides support for Application Implementation, Cloud Application Services Implementation, and Software Upgrade projects as well as the complete range of technology projects

OUM provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project and program management framework and materials.

The Oracle Unified Method provides guidance for: • Project Management • Enterprise IT Strategy, Architecture, and Governance • Business Requirements Collection and Analysis • Mapping and Configuration • Design • Implementation • Technical Architecture • Testing • Performance Management • Data Acquisition and Conversion • Documentation • Organizational Change Management • Training • Transition • Operations and Support

Download – http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/products/applications/oracle-unified-method/download-oum/secure/index.html

Training – http://www.oracle.com/partners/en/products/applications/oracle-unified-method/training-program/secure/index.html

YouTbe Vidoe – OUM brief Walkthrough – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5DeyW7X-LA 

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