Roles and responsibilities of technical consultant… from Ahmed hrms group……

Main role of Technical Consultant is to do customizations, extensions,
modifications, localizations or integrations to the existing product
and also develop reports using the Oracle Reports to cater to business
specific reporting needs. Technical consultants are expected to work
on development activities and managing custom application development
projects, customization and extension of Oracle Applications. To able
to excel in this role, technical consultants are expected to be
proficient in underlying coding language with a thorough understanding
of the underlying technical architecture of Oracle Applications.

Technical Oracle Consultant is expected to work closely with
Functional consultants to understand the requirements and then
undertake technical design and produce software component designs and
specifications as per the functional design. Once the software
components are developed then he needs to test the components viz.
reports, work flow, interfaces, customization’s, data migration scripts
etc. He is also required to carry out audits and participate in
technical walk through. Major work involves producing unit test plans
and documenting the test results, creating test data and testing
environments for unit testing, undertake the production of system
documentation, to report progress and issues to the team leader in a
timely manner.

MA. Ahmed……

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