1. Contingent Workers (Third party Staff) are the ones for who are hired through a vendor, for purposes like Cleaning Staff, Security Staff, Floor Staff etc.
    2. Contingent Workers are the ones for whom the company does not run a payroll, but their names and identity are recorded in the system.
    3. The vendors are solely responsible for the payroll of these Contingent Workers.
    4. For a Contingent Worker the assignment Screen is disabled since he is of person type = “CWK” and their HR details are recorded in the system but assignment details are disabled.
    5. They have very limited HR processes actually impacting them because most of the HR stuff are handled by the vendor themselves.
    6. Real-time example ” if a team has gone on client side to work say from India to Australia , these people are recorded in the client screen for issuing passes and accesses but the client does not run a payroll for these people so these people are contingent workers”
    7. In applications you have person type = Employee, Applicant & other,Select “other” to create Contingent worker.
    8. If you are trying to generate custom number generation for all Contingent worker , then in the fast formula include the clause ” if person_type=’CWK’ then ,………” would generate your desired number. It depends on fast formula what kind of number you want to generate.

From Ahmed HRMS trainings… maahmed09@gmail.com

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