You are trying to hire an employee who is currently recorded in the system

as an applicant. You receive the following error:

APP-52347: The hire date is outside the DD-MON-YYYY and 31-DEC-4712

(The DD-MON-YYYY is filled in with an actual date)



The status of the application must be changed to Accepted before the applicant

can be changed to an employee. Once that is completed, you cannot hire the

employee on the same day that the application is accepted. Date track forward

one day to complete the transaction or date track back one day to set the

application status to accepted and then reset to today to hire the employee.

Setting the application status to Accepted creates a row in the PER_PEOPLE_F

table. Since that is a date tracked table, there cannot be two rows for the

same effective date. So, you must be date tracked to a day other than the one

where the application status was changed in order to hire the employee.

For example:

 o Navigation: People > Enter and Maintain.

 o Date track to 10-APR-2000 Try to hire employee by changing status to Employee.

   Only options are Applicant and Employee and Applicant.

  Navigate to Recruitment > Mass Update of Applicants.

  Query an employee.

  Change the status here to Accepted.

 Navigate back to People > Enter and Maintain.

  Query employee.

  Change the type to Employee (now appears on LOV)


  Receive error: APP-52347: The hire date is outside the 11-APR-2000 and


 Date track to 11-APR-2000

  Change the Type to Employee.

  Enter required information.


  No error.

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