This is not very regular but kind of very good trick. How to Convert number into strings.  Here is a standard Oracle Package , generally used in AP side but can be use in your code also.

SELECT ap_amount_utilities_pkg.ap_convert_number(12345) AS amt_in_words    FROM dual;


Twelve thousand three hundred forty-five

We used this in some localized reports  and check printing.

2 thoughts

  1. Try using below query, it should work

    ‘Rupees ‘
    || ap_amount_utilities_pkg.ap_convert_number (substr(123456.21, 1,InStr(123456.21, ‘.’)-1 ))
    || ‘ and ‘
    || ap_amount_utilities_pkg.ap_convert_number (SubStr(123456.21,InStr(123456.21, ‘.’)+1))
    || ‘ Paise ‘
    FROM dual;

    Rupees One hundred twenty-three thousand four hundred fifty-six and Twenty-one Paise


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