How to integrate Oracle AP Supplier Invoices to get Charge to PROJECTs:

Interfacing Supplier Invoice From Oracle Payables To Oracle Projects:

This process involves :

  1. Creating the invoice.
  2. Approve the invoice.
  3. Account for the invoice in payables.
  4. Run the ‘Interface Supplier Costs’ process in Oracle Projects which interfaces the invoices from AP to PA.

Important Project Related Fields in AP:

  • Project Name – Project Name to which the Invoice is accounted in Payables.
  • Task Number – Task Number of the Project to which the invoice is accounted. Note: If the Task is not chargeable, the system displays the following error message: APP-PA-19270 The Task is Not Chargeable. The same error will be received if the Chargeable Flag is not checked while defining Tasks in Projects Setup or if the task is a Parent Task. Expenditures cannot be created at the Parent Task level.
  • Expenditure Types – Expenditure Type of the invoice. This is based on the projects expenditure types (pa_expenditure_types table)
  • Expenditure Item Date – The date of the invoice expenditure item to be created in Projects.
  • Expenditure Organization – Active Project Expenditure/Event Organization against which the invoice has to be mapped.
    The Expenditure Org can be find in PA_ALL_Organizations table with pa_org_use_type = ‘EXPENDITURES’. For any organization to be a Expenditure Organization, it has to be classified in HR as ‘Expenditure/Event Organization’.
  • Quantity – Based on the Expenditure Type definition, quantity is verified by checking the PA_QUANTITY column in the AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL. If the COST_RATE_FLAG column in PA_EXPENDITURE_TYPES table is set to Y, then the quantity field in the Payables Invoice Workbench needs to be filled in.

Once all the requisite information has been entered and the invoice distribution saved, the system checks whether the values given in the Project, Task, Expenditure Type and Expenditure Organization fields are active as of the Expenditure Item Date.

The following columns in the AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL table are relevant for project-related supplier invoices:

  1. PROJECT_ACCOUNTING_CONTEXT – This column is set to Yes if the Project ID column is filled.
    1. ASSET_ADDITION_FLAG – If the project-related invoice distribution is charged to a Capital Project, then the  ASSET_ADDITION_FLAG is set to P when the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to Y, Z or T.

To avoid the same invoice distribution being interfaced to both Projects and Fixed Assets, you must interface any project-related invoice distribution to Oracle Projects before you interface it to Oracle Assets.
PA_ADDITION_FLAG – The PA_ADDITION_FLAG tracks the status of project-related supplier invoice distribution lines and expense report distribution lines. For supplier invoice distributions entered via Oracle Payables, the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to N if the distribution is project-related, otherwise it is set to E and it is updated by Oracle Projects when the distribution is processed by the Oracle Projects Interface Supplier Invoice process. Oracle Projects sets the PA_ADDITION_FLAG to Y or Z after the item is successfully processed, or may be set to a rejection code if the line is rejected during transfer to Projects.  For supplier invoice adjustment lines interfaced from Projects to Payables (which must net to zero with another line), the value for the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to T.  Listed below are the Quick Codes available for the PA_ADDITION_FLAG:

  • B  No open PA period
  • C  Task does not allow charges
  • D  Outside project dates
  • E  Non-project related invoice distributions
  • I  Outside task dates
  • J  Project level transaction controls violated
  • K  Task level transaction controls violated
  • M  Invalid project/task combination
  • N  New line not yet processed by Oracle Projects
  • P  Project is closed
  • Q  Transaction control extension violated
  • S  Temporary status used during processing
  • T  Adjustment line transferred from Oracle Projects
  • V  Invalid data (catch-all error)
  • X  Burdening error
  • Y  Transferred to Oracle Projects
  • Z  Net zero adjustment line. Never transferred to PA

If an item is rejected, you must correct the rejection reason and re-run the interface process.Once the Invoice is interfaced to Projects, the following tables are populated with appropriate values:


One thought

  1. Hi Shiv,
    I have a scenario.Project dates are as below:
    Start Date:01/09/2013 12:00:00 AM
    End Date:30/04/2015 11:59:59 PM
    Completed Date 31/05/2015 11:59:59 PM

    An invoice is booked and the cost is transferred on 17-JUL-2014 with expenditure item date as 14-JUL-2014. Now the invoice line is discarded with expenditure item date as 14-JUL-2014 and the cost is also transferred.

    But the query is the Project is CLOSED on 2015, so will system allow to transfer the cost now to PA even though the exp item date is not in current or latest month?


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