In release 12:  11i Trial Balance is known as the Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report report in R12. It runs based on the Open Account Balances Listing Definition that you define. You can define the Listing Definition at a Ledger or Ledger Set level

A New concept “Open Account Balances Listing Definition” , what is it ?  –> The Open Account Balances Listing identifies General Ledger accounts with outstanding balances and displays the subledger transactions that contribute to that balance

Define the report definitions either by Accounting Flexfield or by Accounting Flexfield segments. Associate each definition with a single ledger, which indicates the chart of accounts. The chart of accounts sets the context for the following information in the definition details region:

  • General Ledger accounts
  • General Ledger account segments
  • General Ledger account segment values

Define as many definitions as necessary. If defining a report definition by segment, indicate a single segment value, a range of segment values, or a combination of individual values and ranges for different Accounting Flexfield segments. If defining a report by Accounting Flexfield, include one or more entire General Ledger accounts.

The Open Account Balances Data Manager maintains reportable information for all enabled open account balance listing definitions. This program is submitted automatically after a successful transfer to General Ledger for the same ledger or manually by running the Open Account Balances Data Manager program. When changes are applied to a Open Account Balances Listing Definition, the Open Account Balances Data Manager program is automatically submitted for the changed definition.

Open Account Balances Data Manager   :- This program processes subledger journal entries that are transferred to General Ledger and also final accounted journal entries that are flagged as No Transfer because these entries are already represented in General Ledger.

Use the Accounts Payable Trial Balance Report to verify that total accounts payable liabilities in Payables equal those in the general ledger. To reconcile these balances you can compare the cumulative total liability provided by this report with the total liability provided by your general ledger.

The Accounts Payable Trial Balance report is a Payables-specific version of the Open Account Balances Listing report. By running this report from Payables, you can run this report for a specific operating unit.

Latest R12 Accounts Payable Trial Balance (post-patch 9162536) has 2 templates available that control the output that is displayed. The two templates available are:

Accounts Payable Trial Balance – Group by Account
Accounts Payable Trial Balance – Group by Third Party

One thought

  1. Why can you only export this in PDF? It is not useful if you want to use it for anything such as sorting by balance? My internal Oracle team says it is only in PDF but is there a fix that we need.


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