The Void and Reissue feature provides an easy method for correcting any printing problems that you encounter when creating a check as a Quick payment. If a check you generate is spoiled, you can void the original payment and automatically reissue payment of the same invoices.

  • Enable the Allow Void and Reissue Payables option.
  • The payment is a Quick payment.
  • The payment method of the invoices paid is Check.
  • The payment is not a future dated payment.

To void and reissue a Quick payment:

1. Load and properly align your payment document in the printer.

2. Find the Quick payment online, and from the Payments window select the payment and choose Actions.

3. In the Payment Actions window select Reissue. Enter the Payment Date, confirm the New Check Number and optionally record a Voucher Number. Payables automatically selects Void for you. Review and optionally update the void dates.

4. Choose OK to have Payables void the selected Quick payment and create a new Quick payment document to pay the invoices.

After Reissue
After reissue the status of the payment document changes to void and a new payment document with a different number is created. If required we can again create a reissue against the newly generated payment document.

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