Many a time , we like to change address style , like making some field mandatory or non-mandatory , or assign value set , adding extra fields etc. Oracle provide lot many seeded style. We can either modify them or add new one for country’s style need. here using example for Mexico but steps are same applicable if you want to define new

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

  1. Create an Address Style for Mexico

    Responsibility: Application Developer
    Navigation: Application > Lookups > Application Object Library

    Query for ADDRESS_STYLE
    Insert a record for the Mexico Address Style:

    Code = Mexico
    Meaning = Mexico
    Description= Mexico Address Style

  2. Define the descriptive flexfield (DFF) and segments for ‘Address’

    Responsibility: Receivables Manager
    Navigation: Setup > Financials > Flexfields > Descriptive > Segments

    Query for Title = Address
    Unfreeze the flexfield.
    Insert an additional Context Field Value record to include the Address Style for Mexico:
    Code = Mexico
    Name = Mexico
    Description = Mexican Address Style

    Define segments as you want, you can review other styles to see how those got define.

    Freeze and compile the flexfield.

  3. Assign the address style that was just created to the Country of Mexico in the Countries form in AR

    Responsibility: Receivables Manager
    Navigation: Setup > System > Countries

    In the Country/Territory field, query for Mexico
    For the Address Style field, click on the LOV and select the Address Style = Mexico (created in Step 2).

  4. Test the issue

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Customers > Standard

Query for a customer
In the Match Results window, click New button to enter a new address
In Customer Addresses window, select Country ‘Mexico’.
Mexico address style appears. Click in the Address window.
The Customer Address window appears with Context Value.
Select context value ‘Mexico’ from the list of values
The ‘Customer Addres’ window now appears with the following address fields:
Context Value = Mexico
Click to open the State list of values, it is showing all the Mexican states.


2 thoughts

  1. Hi ShivMohan,

    can i create the locations for mexico country in the HRMS by using the above setup?
    please confirm and let me know if any more setups needed for define the location in hrms for Mexico country.



    1. article’s Address style applicable for customer address.

      If i got your question then answer is :
      For Location : refer DFF call : “Location Address” , in this you will see and can add modify the way you want.
      for Employee Address : i think you can think of using “Personal Address Information”


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