How to make address elements: State, County, City and Postal Code mandatory when creating a new address.

  1. Check the Validation for Geography types

    Responsibility: Trading Community Manager
    Navigation: Trading Community Architecture > Administration > Geography Hierarchy

    • Query the Country United States by Name or Code
    • Click on the link Manage Validation
    • Click the check box ‘Mandatory Validation’ for all the Geography Types (State,County…)
    • Then in the region Geography Validation Control, set the Geography Validation Level for Country option to either ‘Warning’ OR ‘Error’
  2. Set the Address validation profile

    Responsibility: System Administrator
    Navigation: Profile > System

    Query for:
    Application = Receivables
    Profile = HZ: Address Validation Level for Application
    Set the value to Error or Warning

  3. Run a test.
    Create a new address with invalid locations for this country when you attempt to save, the system will show a new field “Suggestions” above Country field showing you valid address combinations. You need to select from one of the suggestions in the list of values.

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