When attempting to navigate to a function which has been newly added to a menu the following error occurs:

The <Function Name> Function Is Not Available Under The <Responsibility Name> Responsibility

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1. Query menu: <Menu Name>,
2. Add function: <Function Name> and Save.
3. Verify that the menu compilation request (FNDSCMPI module: Compile Security) completed successfully.
4. Log into e-Business Suite and try to navigate to function: <Function Name>.
5. The error occurs.

This issue is caused by launching the menu item before the Compile Security has completed. When a function is added to a menu , a concurrent program ‘Compile Security’ is submitted which loads the data in Fnd_Compiled_Menu_Functions table. Whenever a function is accessed, security code checks Fnd_Compiled_Menu_Functions table to determine whether that function is accessible under the given security context or not. So if this function is accessed before the ‘Compile Security’ program is finished, the function cache gets loaded with stale data and the reported error message is thrown.

So after modifying the 2 menu definitions associated with ‘System Administrator’ and ‘Application Developer’ make sure that 2 concurrent requests submitted for the above 2 modifications completed normally and then try to access the functions.

Further once this error occurs, it will be cached which means that even after the menu item has been flagged as available, it the error will be returned from the cache.

— Solution —–
— To implement the solution, please execute the following steps::
1) Manually run the ‘Compile Security’ concurrent program, set the parameter to YES.
2) Shut down Middle Tier (Apache)
3) Delete the contents of $OA_HTML/_pages directory (11.5.10 only).
4) Restart Middle tier
5) Test the menu item

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