AutoInvoice feature was developed to provide a means of creating large volumes of transactions without manual input. Since AutoInvoice processes this bulk data through an open interface table, it is not necessary to retain the data in the interface table once the transactions have been generated in Receivables. AutoInvoice Purge provides a mechanism to clean up the data once it has been processed.
Overview of AutoInvoice Purge
Data to be transferred into Receivables via AutoInvoice can be provided by integrated systems (e.g. Oracle Order Management) , via insertion of data into tables via feeder or legacy systems or via customized scripts that populate the interface tables.

The main interface tables are:

During processing of AutoInvoice, the data provided in the interface tables are transferred into core Receivables tables such as:

Once the data is validated, and the transactions are created, data in the interface tables can be removed. For optimized performance, it is recommended that interface data be purged regularly to eliminate unnecessary overhead.

When invoked the AutoInvoice Purge process will remove from the interface tables, rows that have been successfully processed.

2. Running AutoInvoice Purge

There are 2 ways to invoke the AutoInvoice Purge process.

First : By checking Purge Interface Tables checkbox in the System Options form, you are allowing AutoInvoice to clean up after itself once it has completed processing.

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > System > System Options

Second : Manually

Submitting via the Submission Request form, gives you the flexibility of choosing when to purge processed data from the Interface tables.
Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Interfaces > AutoInvoice
or View > Requests > Submit a New Request

  • In Submit a New Request form, pick Single Request
  • From the list of values pick AutoInvoice Purge Program

The logic deletes rows from the interface tables, by cross-referencing that that parent row in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL has INTERFACE_STATUS = ‘P’.

Data is deleted from interface tables in the following order:

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