Within an Operating Unit, a location can only be designated as a Ship To Internal Location for a customer once.  Another customer within the same operating unit can no longer use the same location as a Ship to Internal Location.  However, a customer in another operating unit can.

For example:

Valid Scenario:

Operating Unit: ‘OU1’

  • Customer ‘CU1’
  • Ship to -> Internal location : ‘IL1’

Operating Unit: ‘OU2’

  • Customer ‘CU2’
  • Ship to -> Internal location : ‘IL1’

The above is allowed because customers ‘CU1’ and ‘CU2’ belong to different operating Units ‘OU1’ and ‘OU2’.

Navigation where we put Internal Location :

  1. Responsibility: Receivables Manager
    Navigation: Customers > Standard
  2. Query or create internal customer
  3. Open Addresses, Bill to purposes tab. Pick a Ship to site and click on Open
  4. In the Details tab, enter a value in the field ‘Internal Location’

Run following Query if you get error message “Internal Location is already assigned to another Ship To address. Please choose a different location.” ,  Sometime if delete a site which had this internal location then Oracle doesn’t clean it from PO table.

FROM po_Location_Associations_All p
WHERE p.location_id in
(select hrl.location_id
from hr_locations_all hrl
where hrl.location_code like ‘&your_location_name’);

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