In R12, We need to follow separate stesp to view output , in 11i  it was using a profile option :

1. As SYSADMIN user with “Functional Developer” responsibility, update object  “Concurrent Requests”.

Search for object Concurrent Requests.
Click on Concurrent Requests.
Click on Object Instance Sets tab.
Click on Create Instance Set button.
Enter Name, Code and Description for new instance set.
– Enter the following for predicate:

&TABLE_ALIAS.request_id in (select cr.request_id from and_concurrent_requests cr where cr.responsibility_id = fnd_global.resp_id  and cr.responsibility_application_id = fnd_global.resp_appl_id)

2. As the SYSADMIN user with “User Management”, go to Roles and Role Inheritance tab.

Create a Role and then create a Grant for the Role.
Enter Name and Description for the new Grant.
For the Data Security Object enter “Concurrent Requests”.
Click Next and provide the Data Content Type of “Instance Set”.
Click Next and for Instance Set choose instance set created in step #1.
The permission Set is “Request Operations”.

(Note: There are no parameters for the grant).

3. Assign this role to users as needed. The users with this role will be able to see the log and output files for the same as responsibility.

Query the User Name you want to add the new role to.
Click on the Update icon.
Click Assign Roles button and find the new role.
Save and Apply to activate the new role.

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