Here are some of the regular things to know and generally ignored. Useful to enhance your knowledge.

What is an RCD

he Release Content Document (RCD), produced as part of Oracle’s Applications Product Lifecycle (APL), communicates information about new or changed functionality in the specified release of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Existing functionality from prior point releases is not described. However, content introduced by Family Packs, Mini-Packs or Standalone patches since the prior point release has been included in this document and denoted accordingly.

Where can I find the R12 User’s Guide

he Oracle Applications Documentation Library contains professional documentation in Adobe Acrobat format.  This library can be found on OracleMetaLink by selecting the Knowledge tab, Knowledge Browser subtab, then scrolling down to the Applications link under Online Documentation section,

What is the difference between the RCD and the Support Enhanced RCD?

Support has built this Enhanced version of the RCD so that customers can be provided with more direct links to resources that are available to understand, setup and work with the new features that are detailed in this document.

The original text is present and in addition, support has added information about the Documentation, Transfer of Information presentations and any Support produced Feature Documents that may be available for a feature that will help explain the functionality in more detail.

This document will be updated from time to time as new information becomes available.

What is a TOI, and are their any available for this product area?

Oracle E-Business Suite’s Transfer of Information (TOI) online courses contain information on the functional and technology changes available in Release 12. These recorded online courses are available free of charge for Oracle E-Business Suite customers via OracleMetaLink.

What are R12 Feature & Enhancement Bulletins?

R12 Feature & Enhancement Bulletins and/or White Papers provide a comprehensive and in-depth description of a product feature to supplement the documentation. This document is usually broad in scope, and has a moderate degree of complexity.

How do I find out if the problem I am experiencing is a known issue?

You can search the Bug Database from the MetaLink Advanced Search page. This page allows you to conduct a general search of the bug database. If you would like to search for a specific bug–i.e. with version and fixed version numbers, select the Bug Database hyperlink, which takes you directly to the Bug Database Search page.

To search the Bug Database:
Check the Bug Database box under Sources.
Follow the instructions for Conducting a Search.

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