Average Costing of item stopes....

Error Code is like:
No Error

Step 1:
--get details how much lines having costed flag null

Select b.TRANSACTION_TYPE_NAME,a.costed_flag,a.error_code,
from Mtl_material_transactions a,MTL_TRANSACTION_TYPES b
where ERROR_CODE is not null

Step 2:
--finding error transaaction line

Select * from Mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'E'

Step 3:
--checking how much line not costed 

select count(*)
from mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'N';  --get count as 2013910

Step 4:
--updating error flag

update mtl_material_transactions
set costed_flag = 'N',
error_code = NULL,
error_explanation = NULL,
transaction_group_id = NULL,
transaction_set_id = NULL
--where costed_flag = 'E'
where transaction_id=49186079

Step 5:
runing cost manager

Step 6:
--check cost line count dcreaing

select count(*)
from mtl_material_transactions
where costed_flag = 'N';

If line count decreasing stops then just once again follow the
 steps 1 to step 6.Still problem is not resolve then check
 account_period_id and acc_distribution_id column 

from table Mtl_material_transactions
if these columns are blank then update with respective values.

Account period id should be find as:

select * from ORG_ACCT_PERIODS

after updation again follow step 1 to Step 6.

As count reach to zero means your costing process is completed.

One thought

  1. Hi, thanks for the good article.
    I Have issue when I was mistaken update costed_flag to Null instead to ‘N’. The inventory period is already cost. so what happen is when accounting reconcile between Material Transaction and Material distribution is not the same. the question is, If I update the costed_flag = Null with ‘N’ , open the inventory period and run the launch manager so the cost is update, is it save? is it Okay? becuase if I have to do a manual journal of 185 thousands row in material transaction that not exist in material distribution it is very time consuming and not solve my problem, because the cost is not update anyway. please advise.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.




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