Release 12 sub-ledgers can process transactions for multiple operating units from a single responsibility (without changing responsibilities). Using Multi Org Access Control security features we can control responsibilities access to operating units in a shared services environment. These operating units can span across Business Groups.

For demo purpose let’s use vision instance, in the screen shot below you can see multiple operating units in the List of Values before setting up the security. In this demo we will setup to show only 2 operating units Vision Operations and Vision Construction in the List of Value for Payables,Vision Operations (USA) responibility.

Users need to plan the responsibilities as needed and setup security profiles.

AP Invoice Entry Screen:

To setup this access control three steps were involved:
1. Define Global Security Profile
2. Run Security List Maintenance Program
3. Assign the new security profile to MO: Security Profile
Let’s check the setup in detail:

Step 1: Define Global Security Profile
Responsibility : Human Resources
Navigation : Security–>Global Profile

Step2: Run the Security List Maintenance Program
Responsibility : Human Resources
Navigation : View–>Request–>Submit New Request

Step3: Assign the Security Profile to the MO: Security Profile
Responsibility : System Administrator
Navigation : Profile->System

Note: We use Payables, Vision Operations (USA) for this demo

Note: Check the AP Invoice Entry Screen after assigning the MO: Security Profile

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