Oracle Workflow – How to remove “Reassign” button on PO Approval Notifications

1. With regards to Requisition Approval set the profile option
PO: Allow Requisition Approval Foward Action to ‘No’ so that the
Req Notification can’t be forwarded and only Approve and Reject actions are
2.   For the PO notifications where it is desired to hide the ‘Reassign’ button,
add a new message attribute of type char to the corresponding notification
with internal name as “#HIDE_REASSIGN” and and set the value
to ‘N’.

This can be done as follows:

a. Log into Workflow Builder tool

b. Download the desired workflow (POAPPRV, REQPPRV, etc.) from the database

c. Locate under the Navigator the Message object type

d. Locate the desired Message that you wish to not have the Reassign button or link.

e. Open up the Message so that all the attributes display

f. Right click and add the new attribute “#HIDE_REASSIGN” to the Message

g. Set the value to ‘N’ and save the workflow to the database. The logic in Framework code then checks this attribute and determines whether to display the Reassign button Dependant upon the value.

3.  The other Response fields like the ‘Note’ and ‘forward to’ can be hidden
through the ‘Personalization’


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