Courtesy and credit for this article : BY MICHAEL CRANDELL

Top Ten Cloud Computing Myths — Like many disruptive, evolving technologies, cloud computing is going through a phase characterized by opposites: hype and exaggeration on one side, and fear and skepticism on the other. How do you determine what’s really going to work for your organization? Separating the myths from the facts of cloud computing is a good place to start. Let’s take a look at the top 10 cloud computing myths as we see them, and the realities behind those myths that can help you make intelligent decisions about the cloud.

Myth 10: My Data Center Is Virtualized So I Already Have the Cloud

Myth 9: Cloud Application Performance Is Hampered by Network Latency and I/O Bottlenecks

Myth 8: I Won’t Have Full Ownership of My Cloud-Based Data

Myth 7: My Data Won’t Be Secure in the Cloud

Myth 6: I’ll Get Locked in

Myth 5: The Cloud Means There’s No Role Left for IT

Myth 4: Cloud Computing Is for SMBs, Not Enterprises

Myth 3: Deploying Cloud Applications Is a Snap

Myth 2: The Cloud Is Always Less Expensive

Myth 1: Low Cost Is the Cloud’s Chief Attraction

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