One of my friend looking some help on Configurator, in case if you know anyone or you can help anyway, that would be great !! please put comment or send if you can help at …. thanks in anticipation

Q1:Have you had an instance where you needed to bring in an item from item master that is not part of the bill of material structure
of the product being configured.
What are various ways to accomplish this?
1) Required item from item master is typed in and captured as an attribute in CZ runtime and extension picks this item and places
as an item as a new line.
2) Other suggestion?

Q2: Description roll up into the configured item – options? Have you had an instance to use an extension to create a description for the
generated configured item based on attributes available with the configured bom items?

Q3: Can you please share a copy of BR100 document for Oracle Configurator setups for Rel 11.5.10

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