How to retain employees ! A Hot Topic these days !!

Acknowledge them ! Recognize them ! help them ! fun with them !

Encouraging your employees to stay on board in a way that contributes to the organization’s business plan and also provides opportunities for his or her growth is every manager’s challenge. Here are three things you can do today to keep fostering that win-win situation.

1. Let employees know they’re valued:
Don’t wait until a team member announces he or she is leaving to make it clear that they have a purpose within the organization. Have frequent conversations to tell employees how they’re doing and discuss their career options. Be specific in your praise and reward stellar performance. Corporate recognition through bonuses, raises, or other means lets employees know your words are more than flattery. Simply writing a thank you note can add further emphasis to what you communicate.

2. Be honest:
You may not be able to talk about everything that goes on behind closed doors, but being as straightforward with your employees as possible builds trust. Discuss their careers and what they want to achieve at the company in a way that encourages dialogue. A mentoring relationship encourages employees to want to do their best.

3. Add fun to the workplace:
Vary the workplace routine by planning events that encourage employee participation. If you can do something outside the office during regular work hours, host a lunch or other teambuilding exercise off-site that lets employees know you value them as individuals.

Retaining your top talent comes down to providing people what they need, both materially and professionally. As in every job, people need positive reinforcement, and to know that what they’re doing has value. Take the initiative today to provide the kind of support that makes employees want to continue coming to work for your organization every day.

There are many other dimension and we can look them in details but these three, i consider should be top 3 and consider for a genuine initiative from a people manager’s perspective !

Let me know if you agree/ disagree with me !

– Shivmohan Purohit

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