Oracle Webcast: One for all: Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Event Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time: 9 a.m. PT/12 noon ET

Is your IT staff bogged down with managing and maintaining multiple universes and one-off reports? Are your business users still spending too much time creating reports only to discover dated, inaccurate or incomplete information? Is it slow or costly to accommodate changes to underlying data or business processes? If so, discover how Oracle can streamline your Business Intelligence capabilities into a single platform – and arm your business users with the fastest, most powerful and comprehensive business intelligence available today.

Sign up today for this Webcast to learn more about Oracle’s integrated stack of pre-built BI applications. These tools are not only fast to deploy, cost-effective to manage, and simple to use; they also give your business users fast, accurate reports AND the powerful tools they need to make more accurate decisions and forecasts. Discover how Oracle Business Intelligence can help your company:

Accelerate time to value and support change

Improve information accuracy and consistency to make better informed decisions

Anticipate and change business outcomes with modeling and forecasting

Reduce the time and cost of managing world-class analytics


Jacqueline Coolidge – Senior Principal Product Director for Business Intelligence, Oracle

via Event Registration (EVENT: 265452).

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